Do you have any importing and exporting business experiences ? Do you understand the trading business such as custom, import duty, incoterms etc. If you don’t, we can support your international trading business from Japan.

In order to introduce sushi making culture, TOP,INC has been exporting many sushi machines to all over the world. Please be confident and feel safe for importing our products.

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[Example 1] Easy and safe way to receive the purchases from TOP,INC
[ Door to Door Delivery Package by TOP,INC with DHL air service ]

After we confirm your payment,
TOP, INC will arrange the shipping schedule with you as an importer.

1. Tell us where you want us to deliver
2. We will prepare the shipping documents for you
3. We will give the purchases to DHL with necessity documents for trading
4. We will inform you about your purchases with trucking number
5. DHL will contact you when the purchases arrive in your country
6. Please follow their instruction for receiving the purchases
7. Your purchases will be delivered to the place you want

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After the delivery, you can set the machines with our setting up manuals. If you need further support, we can connect Skype.