Corporate Profile

Product development aiming at higher quality

We have been working on development of rice processing machines since 1972. Now we are proud to be an expert in rice processing and sushi Machines and distribute our products not only in Japan but also to many foreign countries.

In Japan, we distribute our products to supermarkets, kaiten-sushi (sushi-Go-Round), restaurants, home-delivering sushi shops and catering industry all over the country.

To be involved in overseas trading, along with globalization of 寿司(Japanese sushi), we have been working hard on development of products for foreign customers and we obtained the license for food processing machinery in U.S.A. and Canada in 1999. At the same time we established our branch in Los Angels, U.S.A. and has exported our products to North and South America since then. With people becoming more health concious we also export our products to Asian, European and Oceanian countries to meet their needs.

We, Top Co. Ltd, aim for the realization of better style of Japanese cuisine culture with food safety. With the motto, "Making good food easily" we are working on development of the products which can be chosen by our customers.

Company name
Masahiko Tamaki
Business lines
The planning, manufacturing, and sales of Sushi Machines.
Head office
3-17-10 Tarumi-cho Suita-city Osaka Japan 564-0062
TEL : +81-6-6380-3577 FAX : +81-6-6380-3588
Company history   Development history
Established as manufacturer of Sushi Machine 1972 Manyo-1
Developed the first machine of Automatic Maki Machine 1976  
  1987 TSM-01
  1989 TU-2
Established TOP Co.,Ltd. 1990 TP-20
  1992 TSM-02
  1994 TSM-03
  1997 TSM-05Super Market
  1998 TSM-98Standard model for export
Approved by export standards for food Machinery of the United States and Canada (UL/NSF) 1999 TSM-06Delivery Shop
Established USA Office at Los Angeles 1999 TU-2000
Started export to USA and Canada 1999 TK-2
  2000 TOM-01
  2001 ASUKA-1
  2001 TO-2
  2002 TSM-200X"Kaiten Sushi restaurant"(Sushi-Go-Round)
  2002 TO-3AH
  2003 TSM-08H
  2005 TSM-07
  2005 TSM-09
Started export to Australia and New Zealand 2006 TSM-900RS
Approved by export standards for food Machinery of EU(CE) Started export to Europe 2007 TSM-900RSRCompatible models worldwide
  2008 TSM-10
  2010 TSM-11
  2012 OEM-1
TOP Co.,Ltd.
3-17-10 Tarumi-cho Suita-city Osaka Japan 564-0062
TEL : +81-6-6380-3577
FAX : +81-6-6380-3588